First Post: Intro!

Hi everyone!!!

My name is Jackie and I am currently a senior at Assumption College in Worcester, MA. I am a Human Services & Rehabilitation Studies Major with a Psychology Minor. I love figure skating, fashion, life chats, flowers, crafts, and having my own mini concerts when driving. :)

I have dreamed of becoming a Child Life Specialist since I was a little girl and said that I wanted to be a teacher for kids in the hospital. I have never looked back since that dream, and even dressed up in 4th grade in nurses scrubs with a lanyard that said “Child Life Specialist”. Most people didn’t know what that was, so I learned from a young age of how to explain what Child Life does!

When I was 16, I started volunteering at Boston Children’s Hospital in the Organ Transplant Unit. In August 2016, I completed my 6th summer as a volunteer, and got a nifty volunteer badge and baseball hat! It has been amazing to reflect on how much I have grown since I started volunteering 6 years ago, and how my passion has developed even more. Meeting children and families from all over the world has been such a learning experience. I have enjoyed every minute of learning from the CCLS’s I have met & all the little milestones I have experienced, even just seeing a kid walk down to the activity room. I also have been a camp counselor at Camp Sunshine in Maine. 11/10 would recommend Camp; there is no joy comparable to the memories that I have with the kids there.

Currently, I am an intern at WHY ME & Sherry’s House. As part of my Human Services major, we are required to do a full-time internship in either semester of our Senior Year, and I am so grateful to be doing mine at WHY ME! It is a non-profit organization, providing love and support for families with childhood cancer. We provide housing for families who are undergoing treatment, but so much more. We have parent-to-parent support groups, vacation week activities, movie nights, and visit the local oncology clinic. i have been able to plan some events for our families, attend the monthly support group, and meet patients while undergoing treatment. I LOVE this place and the beautiful smiles I have seen form after moments of tears. I had never been so close to cancer, and I see now how it affects families lives.

That is my intro to my passion for child life in a nutshell! Until next time! :)

Jackie ❤

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